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With our extensive and thorough eLearning training modules, as well as our personal advising service, we provide an unparalleled in-depth learning experience.

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Employee Onboarding

No more adding the extra workload of educating a new employee. Our learning program provides consistency to the training process while not inhibiting the workflow of the rest of the office.

Custom Tailored to Your Practice

We have the ability to incorporate your workflows and office guidelines into our eLearning software. Our team of developers can modify the curriculum to ensure that your employees will understand the culture of your practice.

Easy to Use Interactive Software

Each employee will be given their own unique login. Access to our comprehensive educational content is available from the first time an employee logs in.

Comprehensive Virtual Assistant

More than just a support hotline. Our team has acquired extensive knowledge and experience, and are ready to help guide you in the right direction, no matter the question.

Flexible Learning Environment

Pick up right where you left off. No schedules, no deadlines. Our system is accessible wherever you go. Whether you are at the office or at home, on a computer or on a tablet, you can always stay connected.

Progress Tracking

You have the capability to monitor your staff's progress, assign units and run reports on any aspect of the learning process. Don't have the time? Our team will monitor your entire staff for you and provide abbreviated reports for review.

Why today's employees stay
with a company.

Opportunities for Career Progression 52%
Competitive Wages 44%
Proper Training/Development 35%
Good Benefits Package 31%

Survey conducted by PwC (www.pwc.com)

The Importance of Quality Training

A recent study shows that 35% of employees ages 18-35 are more inclined to stay with a company if they receive proper development.

With adequate training, employees do not just perform better. They also feel more confident in their ability to do their job well.  What does this mean for you?  A well-trained employee requires less support from management and doctors.  Even more importantly, a professional and confident employee means happier and more comfortable patients through all steps of the dental process from front office to treatment completion.

Why is the link between training and minimizing employee loss so important? Employee loss means more than just losing a staff member–It also means losing revenue.

Our Advantages

At PK Performance Solutions, we strive to teach your administrative staff a more efficient way of running day-to-day operations.  While there are other training services on the market, what sets us apart is our step-by-step eLearning program.  Instead of videos that are easy to get lost in, we offer staff members a hands-on approach that engages them in active, self-motivated learning and provide you the ability to monitor their progress through the eLearning modules.  Have a question about a module?  Our team is there to support you and your staff with a response within 24 hours or less. 

Interactive elearning

We offer the world's first completely interactive eLearning program designed specifically for dental administrative staff. We also offer the ability to customize your learning program to specifically fit your office's needs.

Virtual Front Office Assistant

Have a question about a specific insurance claim? How to handle hiring a new employee? Our team can offer guidance to resolve any matter. All at no additional cost.

We’re ready to help.