About Our Team

A place to breathe.

We started PK Performance Solutions because we realized the overwhelming need for continuity and consistency in training for dental administrative staff.  We saw that there was not an efficient process to train new employees and that inconsistent training can lead to an inefficient office.  With our unique step-by-step program, we can train the administrative staff to handle both routine and difficult situations without doctors or office management having to take time out of their busy days to train staff on the spot.  Our training program and case-by-case guidance allows the doctors to monitor and track the progress of staff members’ learning while not impeding their workflow.

By providing “a place to breathe,” we allow doctors to focus on the clinical side of their practice instead of focusing on management.  The administrative side of the practice is where we excel.  Let us focus on that while you focus on your patients.

The Three R's

PK Performance Solutions believe that there are three components that drive a successful practice. Resources and Relationships lead to Results. A great source of knowledge and a strong relationship will provide you with excellent results.

Resources + Relationships = Results
Kinzie Headshot

Kinzie Broxson

Chief Executive Officer

Kinzie strongly believes in the phrase "Knowledge is Power."

Kinzie's knowledge of business management and customer relations is one of the company's greatest assets. After completing her degree in business management, Kinzie moved from banking to an administrative career at a thriving multispecialty dental practice. Here, she rapidly expanded her clinical knowledge while utilizing her expertise in business management. Within a short period of time she ascended to the position of Practice Administrative Manager due to her effective communication and financial skills. She quickly realized the need for a streamlined onboarding program and standardized administrative training that includes not only clinical and technical knowledge, but also communication skills.


Wyatt Broxson

Chief Operating Officer

Wyatt is our operational expert here at PK Performance Solutions.

Having designed all aspects of the company's digital footprint, his ability to analyze and construct interactive content has resulted in a unique and successful eLearning experience. The knowledge he gained in the field of automotive technology has provided a unique perspective of new learning techniques. Using his approach has been invaluable in the development of this self-paced program to help alleviate the challenges of obtaining and maintaining qualified administrative personnel. Combining his marketing knowledge and business strategies, Wyatt and our content development team have the knowledge and capability to design any eLearning curriculum to help establish a solid foundation for growth within your practice.


PK Perkins

Chief Financial Officer

As a Practice Administrative Manager in a multi-specialty facility, PK saw first hand the lack of education available for the front administrative positions, especially in the areas of insurance benefits and customer care communications. As both a frontline member of the dental field and as a former teacher and Director of an ADA Accredited Dental Assisting Program, her experiences formed her core belief that a well-informed employee is a confident and productive asset to both the doctor and the patients being served. After receiving her degree from Hardin-Simmons University, and working in the insurance industry with appeals and advanced claims review, her love of dentistry brought her back to clinical practice as an administrator, patient advocate and front office trainer.


CJ Perkins

Director of Education

CJ's love of teaching ensures that we never lose sight of our educational goals. She learned important lessons about life and business by watching her parents maintain a successful veterinary practice for over 30 years. Most importantly, she learned how much knowledge and communication contribute to the success of any business. After earning her major’s degree from the University of North Texas, CJ taught at almost every grade level from preschool to college and then moved into the corporate world where she provided training for customer care as well as one-to-one and group mentoring to improve individual performance and team cohesiveness. The one thing that has never changed, and will not change, is her love of sharing information in order to help people succeed in achieving their goals.

"Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing."

Warren Bennis